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Introducing the ‘Rep of the Month’ Award

Introducing the ‘Rep of the Month’ Award

Tiago smiling at the AREA Awards 2018

Starting this year, we will be piloting the ‘Rep of the Month’ Award. Our intention is to promote the work of Academic Representatives across colleges and subjects, recognise their achievements, and reward the work of reps who have shown an extraordinary commitment to their role. 

The nominees for this award will first and foremost be decided by the students you represent. They will be given the opportunity to put forward nominations for their Subject reps every month and these will be collated and reviewed by a panel, who will decide on a final winner. The rep in question will be prominently featured in the next monthly newsletter, and will receive a prize.

We will be promoting the Rep of the Month Award, and informing students on how they can put their nominations forward, in the next All Student Newsletter. We will then begin distributing the award in the next Academic Representation Newsletter.




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