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Your Students' Guild on St. Luke's

Your Students' Guild on St. Luke's

An update on the plans for your Students' Guild on St. Luke's campus.

We wanted to provide an update on the plans of your Students’ Guild going forward in terms of our presence on St. Luke’s campus. We’re committed to providing an engaging and relevant offering for St. Luke’s students, and look forward to working with students on providing this.

Your Students’ Guild is currently in a period of significant change, with a new strategic direction and leadership team offering an exciting vision for the future. St. Luke’s campus is a huge part of that, and is a key strategic priority for us going forward.

The pandemic has caused wide-ranging issues for all of us, but it’s been brilliant to see some really positive wins for St. Luke’s students, including for students transitioning between St. Luke’s and Truro, longer opening hours and more staff support at the St. Luke’s Library, and stationary available for students urgently in need on the campus, both secured by Penny, Vice President Education. It’s so important you continue staying in touch with your Officers and Reps, as well as taking part in the upcoming Big Guild Survey, which is opening the week of 10 May.

Whilst the wins highlighted above and the hard work of Officers and Reps, the restrictions caused by the pandemic have meant we haven’t been able to get onto campus safely yet and provide St. Luke’s students with on-campus opportunities. We’re hoping to be able to be on campus later this term with our Give it a Go programme, part of the Festival of Discovery.

Additionally, there have been details of our commercial transfer still being finalised, which has meant we haven’t been able to provide an update on this yet. We are now able to confirm that G48 (the lounge, reception and Advice space) is your Guild space on campus, with G47 going to the University as part of the transfer. We are committed to ensuring that students have access to even more space across the whole campus, so please bear with us while we establish what can be made available for you.

We’re going to be working to identify spaces on campus working with the University to ensure access to appropriate and suitable spaces for student group or society activity as we return to campus. Your Students’ Guild is a member led organisation so we really want to hear from you; if you have any feedback or ideas then do get in touch with our Activities team on

In the meantime, the G48 space will be undergoing a refresh over Term 3 and the summer, ready for the start of the new academic year in September. The University are currently using the space, but we hope to have it open for use again later this month - students can continue to use our online reception if they need support. 

We thank you for your ongoing patience, and look forward to working with you to improve your experience on St. Luke’s. Remember to stay in touch with your Officers and Reps, who will be able to put your feedback into action. A huge shoutout to Alex (SSIS College Officer), Nick (Medicine and Health College Officer) and Hope (CLES College Officer) for their work on representing St. Luke’s students this year alongside Nadia (Doctoral College Officer) for PGRs! Also thank you to all of you who have provided feedback and opinions which have gone to your Student Reps, this is vital to help make change happen on campus. 


Nick (Medicine and Health College Officer), Alex (SSIS College Officer), Nadia (Doctoral College Officer), Hope (CLES College Officer). 




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