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Wellbeing Week Reflections

Wellbeing Week Reflections

Wellbeing Week has come to an end and I thought I would take the time to take a look back over the various events that took place and how they went. Firstly, I want to thank all the students and staff who shared/attended/engaged with the various events last week. These ranged from roundtables to Q&A’s to a mental health comedy night; we really wanted to make sure there was something for everyone!

When picking the themes for Wellbeing Week, I wanted to make sure that I was addressing welfare issues that often do not get the attention that they desperately need. The themes I settled on were isolation and loneliness, drugs and alcohol, sex, finances and general mental health. All of these issues are ones that have been exacerbated due to covid, so the need to address them was even greater.

One of the highlights of the week for me was the talk between our Guild President, Sunday Blake, and Grace Summers, a sex worker who was formerly a student. The talk focused on wellbeing for student sex workers and the lack of support that is available for student sex workers. Not only has it reinforced the fact that our students at Exeter will not be removed from the University for disclosing the fact that they are a sex worker, it has also prompted discussions around what we can do as an institution to better support our students who are sex workers.

The issues that we addressed affect a wide range of our students in a multitude of ways, and there are specific issues that affect different types of students. However, we really hope that you found something to take away from last week. If you missed any events, you can watch them back here

Due to the success of last week and also student feedback, I will also be launching our first Wellbeing Town Hall very soon, so keep an eye out for more details!




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