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Elections 2021: Voting is now closed

Elections 2021: Voting is now closed

The total number of votes cast across all posts in this election was 24,532...

Voting in your 2021 Student Elections is now closed! First off, we have to thank our amazing 104 candidates for full-time and part-time posts – you’re all amazing and deserve a well-earned rest now!  

A huge thank you to the students who voted over the last few days. The total number of votes cast across all posts in this election was 24,532, which is a huge amount! It’s been a tough year and it’s not quite over yet, but you’ve had your say on the future of Exeter. 

The total number of unique voters who raised their voices and decided on next year’s elected Officers was 4,744. Thanks again to each and every one of you for choosing who will lead your Students’ Guild!  

That’s a turn-out of 19.3% of the total student population, which under lockdown and online  only, is among the highest in the sector this year – Exeter students leading the way and showing how it’s done. 

All that’s left to do is announce the results, which we’ll be doing tomorrow (Friday) starting at 18:30 (GMT) live on our Facebook page ( Join us to find out who will be your 2021/22 student leaders! 




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