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Updates from Nadia, Doctoral College Officer

Updates from Nadia, Doctoral College Officer

An update on Nadia's latest and upcoming projects!

Here are some of the latest projects and events Nadia, Doctoral College Officer, has been working on, including with other Reps and Officers. If you’d like to get find out a bit more or provide feedback as a postgraduate research student, you can contact Nadia at


Ramadan/Eid Event: Thank you for all those who participated in the event recently, it was brilliant to see so many of you attend! If you would like to share your experience in the form of a blog or vlog, please get in touch with Nadia.

International Day: Celebrating our Cultures and Differences: Sharing our cultural wealth and differences though literature, poems, music, dance, traditional food, traditional clothes and artefacts. We welcome those who wish to participate in this upcoming event which will be held in summer. Please get in touch with me at

PGR Kids' Book Club: If you would like to get involved in a volunteering opportunity where you can read books to kids, please get in touch with me at

Monthly report: Since March, a two monthly meetings have been set between all the Reps and the Doctoral College Officer to report and discuss the issues raised by PGR students. Collaboration between your elected Reps means feedback can be taken further!

PGR Reps Monthly Survey: Each Reps is asked to complete a quick survey every month to report any issues or complaints received by students so please contact your Rep for any queries or problems you face.

Direct Communication between the reps and the University: The Head of PGR and PGR and ECR Experience Officer from the University will also be joining our end of month reps meeting starting from May. This is vital for the University to be aware and updated of the issues raised by PGR students though their reps.

PGR Tab on iExeter: we are currently working on dedicating a tab specifically for PGR students to have easy access to all the activities and events and useful content without having to go through the emails. I will continue to update you on this.


St. Luke’s Updates

Nadia has been working closely with Penny on a number of St. Luke’s projects, including:

  • Individual issues raised by GSE Reps have now been resolved, this includes:
    • Infopoint being open, including for IT support
    • Vending machines have been ordered
    • Cross Keys Café is open
  • Other Reps who are aware of other issues not yet resolved should email either Nadia or Penny to get them resolved
  • The Guild have now got representation at the University's St Luke's Strategy and Planning group to feed into discussion about strategic vision for this campus and make sure student voice is at the heart of this
  • There is a St. Luke’s Town Hall on 8 June – event info here.



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