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Unofficial Freshers' Events

Unofficial Freshers' Events

Important information about unofficial Freshers' events.

Want to get your University experience off to the best start possible? Don’t want to waste your money?  

We have been made aware of a number of companies and event providers promoting ‘official’ or events related to our University of Exeter Freshers’ Week in September. It is an issue that is being felt right across the country with other University and Students’ Unions.   

We advise you not to purchase any tickets for any events at the moment, as we are unsure what the Government guidance will be during Freshers’ Week and what will be permitted. It is irresponsible for event companies and promoters to be selling tickets now due to the lack of clarity and guidance on what could be possible in September.   

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and planning for multiple scenarios to ensure that you receive a welcoming experience to Exeter. As soon as we have a clearer picture and confirmation about what events and activities that we will be able to safely provide, we will be releasing that information via our official channels.   

We urge you to be vigilant, and if events aren’t listed and/or tickets are not sold through our website or, it is not an official event associated with either the Guild or the University of Exeter.  

Make sure you join our official Freshers’ Week Facebook group and the University’s Offer Holder Facebook group to keep up to date with news, announcements, events, activities, as well as meeting your fellow coursemates and making new friends!   

You can also sign up to our Freshers’ mailing list where you’ll get information and details straight into your inbox!  




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