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University Summer Assessment Update 3 April 2020

University Summer Assessment Update 3 April 2020

The University of Exeter have released further information in relation to the summer assessment period...

The University of Exeter have released further information in relation to the summer assessment period: ‘the no detriment policy’; the format of summer examinations and assessments; applying to defer your exams; and the release of exam results. As well as information on helping you prepare for your examinations and assessments.

You can find the email in full on the University Coronavirus subsite here.

The Full-Time Officers, Academic Representatives and the rest of the Guild have been working tirelessly to make sure that the new policies have been created with students at the heart of them. We are very proud that we are leaps and bounds ahead of other universities round the country in providing the best possible outcomes for our students.

If you have any further feedback on the new policies or information, please complete our feedback form or email us at, or feedback to your Academic Representative (AcRep) - you can find yours here.  

To summarise the communications sent out today:

  • The University have extended the no detriment policy so that it includes all assessments submitted by undergraduate and taught postgraduate students in the 19/20 academic year. Therefore, taught postgraduate dissertations will be included in the policy (please see the detail for how this will be handled) and deferred and referred assessments taken in August will also be covered.
  • They have now published the ‘no detriment’ policy in full online, here.
  • A further communication via the FAQs will be sent on Thursday 9 April with an update on how this impacts students who have undertaken industrial placements, study or work abroad placements during 2019/20.
  • In some circumstances programmes subject to professional regulation may not yet be permitted to apply the no detriment policy, you will be communicated by your College if this is the case. The University are proposing it to the regulatory bodies for approval.
  • More detail on summer examinations and assessments will be sent to you by your colleges in the coming weeks.
  • The University have developed a simplified and accelerated mitigation process through which you can apply to defer your examinations and assessments, with no requirement for evidence. Please see our website for further details of this process, and to complete the application form – note, from this webpage you can select options to defer all of your assessments, or one or more where short- lived circumstances impact on your ability to complete some assessments but not others.
  • You can also apply for mitigation or deferral should you experience technical issues or IT failure during an examination here.
  • If you wish to defer all assessments the form will open at 12:00 BST (midday) on Monday 6 April, and close at 23:59 BST on Friday 1 May. Please consider these carefully, our Guild Student Advice Service can support you if you’d like to talk through your options.
  • APACs (Assessment Progression and Awarding Committees), or more commonly known as exam boards, will be delayed by two weeks to allow the University to undertake marking and recommendations in these difficult circumstances. You will receive your grades and outcomes on 8 July.
  • The University will be making appropriate adjustments for students with Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), you will need to contact AccessAbility Service or Wellbeing Services by Thursday 9 April 17:00.
  • If you have any concerns about taking a remote examination or assessment, contact the University on


No Detriment Policy Summary

  • The benchmark will be based on actual achievement from the current academic stage as far as possible.
  • In order for the benchmark to be reliable, it will be based on a mean mark derived from sufficient credit (equivalent to half the total credits of the relevant stage; a stage equates to an academic year for full-time students).
  • If insufficient credit has been accumulated in the current stage, achievement in the previous University of Exeter-based stage will be included within the calculation.
  • If there was no prior University of Exeter-based stage, then the benchmark will be provisional until, in the case of first-year Undergraduates or Postgraduate Taught students (PGTs), sufficient credit has been accumulated to confirm the benchmark.
  • The benchmark will be calculated and applied after all other normal assessment processes have been completed (e.g. condonement, mitigation, scaling, late and academic misconduct penalties). Please see the relevant policies for further details.
  • For students who pass the current stage during 19/20 academic year, the credit-weighted mean for all assessments contributing to the stage (academic year for full-time students) will be compared to the benchmark, and the higher of these two results will be used as their overall result for the stage.
  • The student transcript will be annotated to reflect this policy.

Read it in full here.

If you have any further feedback on the new policies or information, please complete our feedback form or email us at, or feedback to your AcRep- you can find yours here.  




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