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University Accommodation Waiver Win!

University Accommodation Waiver Win!

We are very happy to hear the University have listened to your concerns...

We are very happy to hear that the University have listened to your concerns, and will be waiving accommodation rent charges during lockdown to those in University accommodation or contracts arranged through the University with a nominated partner!  

We are absolutely certain that this wouldn’t have happened without student feedback, so we want to thank you for using your voice and telling us how you’re being affected. Our feedback form has remained open throughout the pandemic and has given your Officers so much useful information which has been pivotal in getting wins like this for you. We’d encourage you to continue keeping us up to date with any problems you’re having, whether that’s with accommodation, finances, academic concerns or anything else. The more we know, the more we can help you.  

We know, however, that there are a large portion of students who rent or are in private accommodation, please know that we have not forgotten you. We are still working hard to see what can be done to support you. Sunday, Guild President, met with other Presidents from SU’s all around the country to put plans in place to collaboratively lobby the Government to create a financial package for landlords to allow students a relief from rent charges. This is an issue that goes beyond Exeter, but one that we intend to be at the forefront of tackling.  

Soon we will also have a template letter that you can send to your landlord and MP, as well as some FAQs on accommodation via our website. Keep an eye out on our hub for regular updates:  

What do you think of this announcement? We want to hear more!  

For the full University email, please check your student account or click here

Information regarding returning to campus:

Due to the national lockdown, in-person teaching has been suspended until mid-February, except for ‘future critical worker’ courses and certain limited courses that require accreditation from a professional body (PSRB). You can view the full details of exempt courses here.

Students who have not already returned to campus or Exeter from their winter break are being asked to remain where they are to avoid spreading Covid during their travel. Students who are already back in Exeter or on campus accommodation should now remain where they are.

Students are able to return to term-time accommodation in the following situations:

  • International students who have remained in the UK, or those who have arrived and do not have alternative accommodation

  • Students without access to appropriate study spaces or facilities in their vacation accommodation (if you do not believe you have adequate study space where you currently are, you are permitted to return to campus)

  • Students who have remained in their university accommodation over the winter break

  • Those requiring additional support, including those with mental health issues?

Some buildings on-campus are open in order to provide study space and for other reasons during the lockdown – details can be found here.




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