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UCU Strike Poll Result

UCU Strike Poll Result

78% of students support the cause of the UCU strike

Since UCU’s announcement that their members had voted in favour of strike action from 25 November-4 December, we have been working with students to understand their view on this strike action. In the form of an official poll, we have received significant feedback on this, and we will be offering proportional support and action based on this. Please find below an overview of results from the poll and what our next steps will be to support you, including how we will be working with the University to mitigate the action. We encourage students to continue to contact each of the Student Leadership Team about the strikes or email with any concerns.  

The results of the UCU Strike Poll show that 78% of the 2427 students that responded support the cause of the UCU strike, however this opinion is split in terms of support for the strike action.  


Additional Information:  

There was no majority stance from any College.  

82% of Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught students support the UCU cause, with 77% of PGR students supporting the strike action. Sunday Blake, VP Postgraduate, has a mandate to support postgraduate students, and the strength of this result will reflect on her action and support during the strike.  

49% of students do not support the strike action. 

How will we support ALL students:

  • Elected Officer drop-in sessions on Monday 25 November (14:00-16:00) and Wednesday 4 December (13:00-14.30) in the Grove Diner 

  • Signposting to Advice and Wellbeing Services 

  • Write an open letter to the University outlining how students feel and the impact of the strikes upon students 

  • Provide a template email for students to write to University senior management 

  • Signpost students to online resources and direct them to 

For students who voted to support the cause but not the strike, we pledge to: 

  • Represent students’ views at Exeter Education Executive (Thursday 5 December) 

  • Continue to communicate the difficult position students have been put in as a result of this situation and do all we can to lobby the University to mitigate the impact on students, including extensions, adjustments and a legitimate academic outcome for students  

  • VP’s will meet with Mike Shore-Nye (University of Exeter Registrar) to raise student wellbeing concerns. 

For students who voted to support the cause the strike and the cause: 

  • Physical presence of elected officers on the picket line at both St Luke’s and Streatham. VP Postgraduate to be present during the whole strike the time due to her mandate (PGRs and PGTs) voting 82% in favour of strike cause.  

  • Officers will be present at the Streatham picket at the following times: Monday 25 10:00-11:00, Tuesday 26th 09:00-10:00, Wednesday 27th 15:00-16:00 and Wednesday 4 14.30-15.30  

  • Officers will be present at the St. Luke’s picket at the following times: Tuesday 26 13:45-14:45 and Tuesday 3 12:15-13:30.  

  • Support student social media campaigns in favour of the cause and the strike 

  • Commit to communicating regular updates and actions of strike to students. 

For students who voted that they do not support the cause or the strike we will: 

  • Ensure the effect on students is mitigated as much as possible by giving Academic Reps the knowledge and tools they need to support and represent students’ views and opinions. 

For students that voted they had ‘no official stance’ about the UCU strike action we will: 

  • Signpost students to all available information, outlining both sides of this complicated issue with an opportunity to meet with elected officers to listen to their views and help them form their opinions if desired. 



For more information, please visit: 





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