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UCU Industrial Action- Statement May 2022

UCU Industrial Action- Statement May 2022

The UCU branch at Exeter have now confirmed that they will no longer be pursuing a marking and assessment boycott at this time.

The UCU branch at Exeter have now confirmed that they will no longer be pursuing a marking and assessment boycott at this time. Although this will come as a welcome relief for many students, it does not diminish the issues currently facing University staff.

ASOS - action short of a strike is still going ahead which will include not working above contracted hours. This may materialise in less availability for meetings and less flexibility on timings of meetings for students for example, this can also mean no coverage for sick colleagues.


Recently, we asked you to vote on how you felt towards the strikes, 80% voted that they agreed with the causes- or the reason why University staff wanted to strike, whilst 67% voted that they disagreed with the action. See Poll results here.

These results highlighted that students agree with the reasoning for strike action; from the right to fair pay, the need for acceptable working conditions, and the hope for a secure retirement. It is important that concerns around pensions, pay, equality and working conditions are taken seriously by the University. However, whilst many students did agree with the cause, they did not agree to their education being impacted by the disputes.

These aren’t just staff issues either, but ones that affect members of Exeter Guild, including postgraduate students who teach (University employees), and any students who wish to pursue a career in academia.


We have compiled some resources should you want to support University staff on these issues, these include the UCU website with more information on the reasons for strike and open letters that you can send to the Vice Chancellor to urge the University to act.



We understand that the changes to the marking and assessment boycott does not necessarily mean the end of potential strike action. Throughout the mandate, we as your students’ union, will continue to be led and guided by your views and interests. Your Guild will continue to represent you, advocate on your behalf and be a place to amplify student voices.

If you would like to speak about any of these issues further, you can contact your Full Time Officers or our Industrial Action mailbox using the details below.

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