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Summer Examinations Policy Announced

Summer Examinations Policy Announced

Penny Dinh, VP Education, details the summer examination policy she helped to develop!

I am delighted to confirm the policy for summer examinations, which I have been working hard with University Senior Management to develop! I am really pleased with the outcome, which is as a result of feedback, open letters, and petitions from students about exams and assessments – this is another example of how important your voices are!

I meet regularly with University Senior Management to raise student feedback, so it’s important that myself and the Full-Time Officer team continue to give us as much as possible. You can do this by filling out our coronavirus feedback form. You can also talk to your Academic Rep to give your feedback.

I believe this policy and direction is fair, and I hope that this will reassure students, who have understandably been concerned about their upcoming assessments.

The outline of the summer examinations and other details are listed below. However, I recommend that you make sure you have fully read and understood the email the University sent, which explains in further detail all the information listed below.

Key information:

  • The University have decided that all examinations will be replaced by open book remote examinations or coursework assessments. It will be up to individual departments and colleges to decide exactly what format each module will use.
  • For open book examinations, students will be given a 24-hour period in which to do the assessment, to ensure students in different time zones are not disadvantaged.
  • Details of the assessments will be communicated to you from your department/college by the end of the day on Friday 3rd April.
  • A simpler and accelerated mitigation policy will be developed and sent out by 3 April.
  • Any student concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on their ability to perform may ask to defer all of their remaining assessments for this academic year until either the next assessment window (later this summer) or to next academic year. No evidence will be required to support either request.
  • Students can apply for a deferral for one or more assessments where short-lived circumstances impact on their ability to complete some assessments but not others. No evidence will be required.
  • Students can apply for mitigation or deferral should they experience technical issues or IT failure during an examination.
  • A safety net policy has been introduced, meaning so long as you would qualify to progress/graduate based on your marks obtained this year (including those in the summer assessment period), then we will ensure that your final academic year average is the same as, or higher than, the average you have attained up to Sunday 15th March. The University will release further details about this soon. Please note that some programmes that are subject to professional regulations may not be eligible for this policy.



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