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Students' Guild antisemitic statement

Students' Guild antisemitic statement


The Students' Guild are passionate opponents of antisemitism in all forms; overt or subtle. Instances of discrimination in any form have to be relentlessly fought whenever they appear and the Guild is committed to this with our campus-wide '#WeAreAllExeter' campaign, which has been running since the beginning of January.

The recently reported instances of antisemitism on campus horrified but emboldened us to extend the work we have been doing throughout the year with Jewish Society and Friends of Israel; to ensure they are able to organise activities free from the fear of persecution and intimidation. We believe the environment we have at Exeter is one that actively encourages free speech and debate, but we are very clear that criticism of the actions of states should never make individuals or communities feel persecuted on the basis of their faith or nationality. We believe in dialogue, debate and open discussion but we will never compromise our values when it comes to ridding our community of discrimination wherever and whenever it happens.

We look forward to continuing our positive work with faith-based societies in the coming weeks and months to help build a community that is welcoming and inclusive of all Exeter students - a community that reaffirms We Are All Exeter.




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