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Staying Safe Out and About

Staying Safe Out and About

Keep yourself safe when out in Exeter

When you’re out and about in Exeter, particularly on a night out, it’s important to do everything you can to stay safe. We hope that that you never get in to difficult or dangerous situations when you’re out enjoying yourself, but it’s worth thinking about a few things in case this does happen to you or someone you know.  

Stick together 

If you can, try and stay with people. Whether it’s housemates, coursemates or people you’ve met whilst out, sticking with other people will help to keep you safer.  

If you find yourself on your own, give someone a call. If you can’t get hold of someone, Nightline are available to chat. Apps like Find Friends are a great way of finding your mates as well.  

Get home safely 

If you’re out late, getting a taxi or a lift home is your best bet. Use well known taxi companies that you’re comfortable trusting, and try to book before if you can. If you’re walking home, remember to stick with people you know and trust.  

Know your surroundings 

Particularly when it’s dark, knowing where you are and what’s going on around you will help to keep you out of trouble. Try and stay away from darker, quieter areas where possible. 

Look after your valuables 

Try and keep your valuables somewhere secure and out of sight. Criminals will be on the lookout for phones and money they can easily snatch – keep them in your bag or pocket. Try not to take valuables you don’t actually need on you as well.  

Keep an eye on your drink 

Spiked drinks can leave you in danger. Try not to leave your drink unattended or leave it with friends you can trust if you need to, look out for other people you’re out with and most importantly get help immediately if you think you’ve been spiked.  




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