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Postgraduate Representation - Update

Postgraduate Representation - Update

In February 2018, the Students’ Guild initiated a consultation to identify an effective model for postgraduate representation. The consultation closed in July 2018 with a recommendation of one full-time paid Postgraduate officer, one part-time paid officer for PGR students, and one part-time paid officer for PGT students.

However, the consultation also revealed that 92% of PGR students and 83% of PGT students would not interrupt their studies to take up a full-time officer position. Taking this into account, the first election for a full-time Postgraduate officer will take place in February 2019 for the 2019/20 academic year, to enable students who are expecting to finish their studies by July 2019 to run for the post.

The 2018/19 academic year will be a transitional period, in which the Guild will be holding elections for three part-time paid officers on a 9-month contract until July 2019. Elections will take place in September 2018 for:

  • Vice-President Postgraduate (20 hours a week)
  • Pro Vice-President Postgraduate Research (10 hours a week)
  • Pro Vice-President Postgraduate Taught (10 hours a week)

From 2019/20, these posts will become:

  • Vice-President Postgraduate
    • 12-month full-time contract, elected annually starting February 2019
  • PVP Postgraduate Research
    • 12-month, 10 hours a week contract, elected annually starting February 2019
  • PVP Postgraduate Taught
    • 9-month, 10 hours a week contract, elected annually starting October 2019

The Vice-President Postgraduate will be responsible for managing the work of representing issues facing postgraduate students at Exeter, and encouraging the participation of these students in the work of the Guild and the life of the University. As a full-time officer from 2019/20, this post will provide continuity for attendance at key meetings and as a point of contact for staff and students, which was a priority identified by the consultation.

The Pro Vice-Presidents will be the first point of contact for PGR and PGT students respectively, representing the welfare and educational issues of the two postgraduate student groups. They will chair and convene the PGR and PGT Executives, which are specialist councils within Guild Council, and be held accountable for the actions of those Councils.

Nominations for the three part-time officer posts open at 09:00 on Monday 17 September 2018, and close at 13:00 on Friday 28 September 2018. Voting opens at 09:00 on Monday 1 October 2018, and closes at 13:00 on Friday 5 October 2018. Visit for more information, including full role descriptions for the posts.




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