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Notice of AGM x Guild Council

Notice of AGM x Guild Council

Join us for our Annual General Meeting, 25 January

On Tuesday 25 January, 18:30 we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, along with our Guild Council meeting. The meeting will be held online, via Zoom. You can join the meeting here.

The meeting is an opportunity to ask questions to your trustees and full time officers, and find out how they are representing you.  

AGM Agenda 

  1. Welcome and Introductions 
  1. Ratification of the minutes of the previous AGM  
  1. Reports to receive:  
    Annual Report from Trustee Board 2020-21 
    Impact Report 2020-21 
    Audited Accounts 2020-21 
  1. Approve the list of affiliations of the Guild 
  1. Open questions to trustees from student members  


After the AGM, we’ll be holding our meeting of Guild Council. Make sure you stay to join the discussion!   




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