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Move Smart is here!

Move Smart is here!

Today we’ve launched our new housing campaign...

Today we’ve launched our new housing campaign, designed to give you all the advice and resources you need to get your accommodation sorted during your time at the University of Exeter.  

Housing is one of the key priorities for your Officer team this year, championed by Sunday Blake your Guild President: “Finding accommodation for next year can be daunting – especially as you will be signing into a legally binding contract. That is why we are here to help. From helping you identify where to live, to providing advice on what to look out for in your contract and how to ensure that your move out goes as smoothly as possible.”  

Getting your accommodation right whilst at university is an important experience. From moving into or out of halls, to finding like-minded housemates and getting the contract signed and sealed. However, not everyone has a good time undertaking this task and problems can arise during your year. That’s why we’re launching our Move Smart campaign. 

Here we will provide you with the knowledge, support and opportunities to find the right accommodation and housemates for you. You can find our campaign aims in more detail below.  

We also want you to Take your Time to Sign. Every year there is a lot of pressure to find accommodation, but we really encourage you not to rush this important decision. There is plenty of time for you to find the right home and the right people to share it with. 

Start by exploring experiences from your peers and see the most common myths revealed! 


Here are some ideas to consider before you start your search:  

Who do you want to live with?  

Remember, your best friends might not actually make the best housemates! 

Where should you live?  

Do you really need to be 5 minutes from campus, or would you prefer being closer to the city centre? 

How much can you afford?  

If you are concerned about the cost of accommodation and bills, there are plenty of options to suit all budgets.  

Have you read your contract? 

We can help you work out what you need to check in your contract before you sign it.  


Our campaign aims are: 

  • To provide you with the knowledge, support and opportunities to find the right accommodation and housemates for you.  

  • To empower you with the knowledge of your legal rights as a tenant and to support you in case of disputes.  

  • To work with Exeter City Council and external partners to improve the quality and affordability of accommodation on offer for students.  

  • To campaign for a safe and considerate approach to student tenancies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


If you want to get involved with the campaign, why not volunteer as a Project Assistant? Apply here.  




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