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Making our website more accessible

Making our website more accessible

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We are happy to announce that we have implemented a new feature on our website which makes it a lot more accessible to a wide range of students! Both Guild staff and Officers worked collaboratively on this project as we are working hard on improving and developing our communications to be more inclusive and accessible. Thank you to our students who have been involved and providing invaluable insights to help us improve.  

You can use this feature by clicking the button in the bottom left called ‘Accessibility Tools’ and there is a huge range of features from a screen reader and magnifier to translator and dictionary.  

Ensuring that all our students are able to access our resources is paramount - especially due to the digital world that students currently find themselves in. That is why the new accessibility for the Guild provisions is such a huge step forward. Thank you to all the students who provided feedback and I will continue to champion accessibility as your VP Welfare and Diversity.”- Ruby Jones, Vice President Welfare and Diversity  

We know that this is just the start of a long journey to make ourselves more inclusive and accessible, but today we take a big step forwards on that journey.  

If you have any feedback about the tools, please email us at  




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