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Introducing Society Badges

Introducing Society Badges

We're excited to launch our brand new Society Badges scheme!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new scheme that we’re running for societies, which will award student groups for their commitment to growth and change at the university.

We’re so excited to be able to recognise societies for their hard work, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! In this article you will find all the information that you need to know about Society Badges and what you can do get one!


What are Society Badges?

Society Badges are designed to recognise university societies and student groups for their commitments to positive growth, being inclusive, and giving back to the community. Societies will now be able to achieve up to 9 available Society Badges that will recognise and award them for a variety of reasons.

The badges up for grabs are for the following society achievements:

  • Development – Developing and engaging with the Students’ Guild.
  • Fundraising and volunteering – Supporting others.
  • Inclusivity – Creating an approachable community.
  • Diversity –Providing opportunities for minority student groups.
  • Accessibility –Providing accessible opportunities.
  • Sustainability – Committing to more sustainable approaches.
  • Democracy – Encouraging engagement in democratic practices.
  • Welfare – Demonstrating care for student welfare.
  • Social – Providing varied social opportunities.

When a society is recognised for one of these achievements, the Society Badge will be displayed on their webpage. It will demonstrate the society’s commitment to change at the university, and the efforts that society have made for all students.


How can my society get one?

In order to be awarded a Society Badge, each society will need to complete the two mandatory criteria, and showcase four further ways in which they have been committed to positive change for their society.

The full list of the criteria for each Society Badge can be found on our website.

Once the society has met these requirements that demonstrate their commitment to the Badge, students will need to fill in an application form with their society details and which criteria have been met.

This can then be emailed to for review by a member of the Activities team and a Full Time Officer. Student groups will be notified within 5 working days. 


How long can a society have a Badge for?

In order to keep a Society Badge, the society or student group will need to complete the renewal criteria annually.

This means that a society will need to continue their hard work in order to maintain the badge and the recognition of excellence that comes with it.


What’s in it for me?

Society Badges are a great way to showcase your society and get official recognition for your commitments by the Guild.

As the Badge will be showcased on your website, this signifies to students that your society is committed to making positive change, and ensuring that all students feel welcome. The Society Badges will be announced formally each term across Exeter Students’ Guild’s media channels, and there will be the chance to win badge-related awards at the Guild Awards 2022, which means that you will also gain extra publicity for your hard work!

Individually, being part of a society that has worked hard for these badges is a great point of conversation for future job interviews and for your CV, so these achievements will definitely showcase your enthusiasm and commitment long after your role in that society!


Make sure you head over to our website to find all the information about Society Badges, so you can start planning how to achieve your first one now!




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