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How The Guild Went Green

How The Guild Went Green

We're committed to being a more sustainable, green organisation. As part of Go Green Week, find out more about what we've done so far and what we plan to do!

We are officially in the middle of Go Green Week and have already offered a brilliant series of fun, informative and exciting events! From the various stands promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly products, to the free bike safety checks and maintenance workshops, we have shown a real commitment to taking on the climate emergency head-on and are pleased that our students and the University have jointly supported the endeavours of Go Green Week. As a result of listening to the concerns of our students and staff, and our willingness to tackle rapid climate change, we have made a series of crucial changes in the products we sell and promote here at the Guild, taking a major step towards sustainability.


For those who enjoy our food outlets but have had concerns about the environmental impact of our supply chains, we listened to you and moved from national to local food suppliers, which has reduced food miles and decreased our overall carbon production. We have also expanded our vegetarian and vegan food options! Fancy a pie from Pieminister? Not only is there a range of healthy, green options, we now have made the commercial decision to only use free range British meat.


Putting our beliefs into action further, we have radically overhauled several of the products we sell at the Guild and have made a shift towards a Zero Waste concept in the Guild shop. Not only has our Guild shop moved to retailing bamboo toothbrushes, we have removed plastic bottles from our meal deals, and employed the Cup for Life scheme to great success! Not only that, but in recognition of other global conservation activities, the revenue generated from our rhino stationary has been used to fund the protection of the white rhinoceros!


With the University making a commitment to be plastic free, we are working on ways we can support the University in this. In addition to what’s been described, we’ve upgraded our Print Room, which now only retails sustainably managed paper, and have rid ourselves of plastic straws in exchange for paper and metal straws. Overall, we’re delighted with the outlook students and staff have had towards the conservation efforts we’ve made and look forward to setting an example and making a serious impact!




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