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RAG Fundraise Over £110,000

RAG Fundraise Over £110,000

Exeter Raise and Give Fundraise Over £110,000
The Students' Guild's biggest student fundraising group, Exeter Raise and Give (RAG), have raised over £110,000 so far for their partner charities.

Exeter Raise and Give is the biggest fundraising group on campus in Exeter, having raised over £110,000; split into two areas: one based mainly in event fundraising and one in international challenges. Exeter RAG Challenges, as they have become known, have a team of Challenge Leaders who coordinate and support fundraising activity for their Challenge Participants for a range of programmes; lead by the Challenge Executives Felix and Ellie, students and volunteers at the Students' Guild.

See Exeter RAG Challenge's announcement here.

The team have smashed all targets and raised over £110,000, which is expected to almost double over the summer as the Challenge Participants continue their fundraising efforts in their home towns, before they set off on the journey of a life time.

"We are insanely proud of all our participants in their efforts, and wish them the best of luck in their future fundraising!"

Challenges Executive, Felix Bailey said: "Our trekkers and marathon runners have had an immense year so far, having raised an impressive £110,000 since September! The teams have organised events such as pub quizzes and zumba classes, taken part in street collections, and even shaved their hair all in the name of charity. The money raised will go towards awesome, deserving causes including defeating Meningitis, defeating child poverty and malnutrition in less developed countries, and granting wishes for terminally ill children. We are insanely proud of all our participants in their efforts, and wish them the best of luck in their future fundraising!"

This year, the Challenges team have organised: the Machu Picchu Trek, fundraising for Action Against Hunger; the Uganda Gorilla Trek, for East African Playgrounds; Everest Base Camp Trek, for Meningitis Research Foundation; the Morocco Atlas Trek, for Hope for Children; and the Budapest Marathon for Make a Wish Foundation.

Joining a fundraising group is a great way to meet new friends, and start a journey to helping a cause you're passionate about. We have over 10 fundraising societies in Exeter, check them out on our societies' pages and see what interests you. Exeter RAG host a nationally renowned programme of events, including our domestic and international hitchhiking events, Jailbreak and Lost - annually raise over £200,000 as a collective.

Have you thought about signing up for an international challenge and working with one of RAG's partner challenges? Check our RAG and RAG Challenges Facebook pages for more information.




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