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#ExeGoGreen22- Use a reusable water bottle or coffee cup

#ExeGoGreen22- Use a reusable water bottle or coffee cup

Investing in a reusable cup can put a dent in the damage caused to our wildlife by plastics. By making the change, you'll also be added to our prize drawing!

Why should you make the switch from single use to reusable?

Single use plastic is everywhere, from the wrapping of our sandwiches to the face masks we’ve all been wearing. It is hard to make it through a day without using single use plastic in some way, especially if you want a coffee to get you through the reading for tomorrow’s lecture.

However, you can make a change. Get involved with our last daily challenge of the week and use a reusable water bottle or coffee cup: you’ll be added to the draw to win a prize!

Why are disposable water bottles so bad? It’s precisely their disposable nature that makes them such a menace to the environment. About one million plastic bottles are sold globally every minute, and they are among the most common items found on beaches. Every year, about 100-150 million tonnes of single use plastic is produced, of which 8 million tonnes is dumped into the ocean. David Attenborough has made some great documentaries about this – you could watch Blue Planet II if you wanted to learn more about the damage plastic can do to marine animals.

Making the switch to using a reusable water bottle or coffee cup won’t cost you the earth. Making the initial investment will mean that over time you get to save money as you can simply refill your water bottle for free. Many coffee outlets offer discounted coffee if you bring a reusable cup.




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