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Everything you need to know about the Leadership Elections – a fool-proof Guide

Everything you need to know about the Leadership Elections – a fool-proof Guide

Have your say and vote!

Everything you need to know about the Leadership Elections – a fool-proof Guide  

Voting is now open in our Leadership Elections (15 - 17 March) and it is important to remember that this is your chance to make an impact on the University and your university experience! Not only that – for every person who votes – 1 tree will be planted.  We've already had over 2,000 voters! 

What is Exeter Students’ Guild? 

Every University has to have a Students’ Guild (also known as Students’ Union or Association…) and it is there to “promote the interests of the students as its members” (as per Education Act 1994). Thus, it is important to participate in the Elections – Exeter’s Guild is there for you and by casting a vote, you are contributing to the change.  

What do the Elected Officers do? 

Guild President 

They are the public face of the Guild. The Guild President along with other elected Officers lead your SU and represents students at the University’s Exeter campuses. Their job is to promote your interests, acquire knowledge on a variety of issues and work with the community as well as national organisations to campaign for positive change. See the candidates for this role here.  

Vice President Education  

The VP Education leads on the academic and learning experience. They are responsible for matters like educational and teaching quality, funding for feedback platforms, mitigations, deferrals and promoting student’s academic rights. See the candidates for this role here.  

Vice President Opportunities 

The main responsibility of the VP Opportunities is to lead on students' activities and employability. They make sure that everyone has equal, safe and accessible career opportunities and develop employability skills whilst at uni. They also work closely with the Activities team to ensure societies and groups can operate. See the candidates for this role here.  

Vice President Liberation and Equality 

VP Liberation & Equality is to promote student’s rights and equality. They make sure that the University is providing an inclusive experience for all. They are responsible for making sure that the students – regardless of background feel safe and seen on campus and that their needs are met. The role focuses on wellbeing & welfare, gender safety and campaigning for underrepresented students. See the candidates for this role here.  

Sports President (Athletic Union) 

The Sports President is responsible for developing support for students' sports clubs. They are to increase the number of opportunities for students when it comes to sports and make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally in the sports environment. See the candidates for thar role here.  

Why is it important? 

Who will be chosen as the Elected Officers affects you and what your university experience will look like. Your student voice has a real impact, and it is a chance for you to have your voice heard. If you don’t vote – you’re giving up that voice and someone else will make that decision for you. Every vote counts and will affect our Exeter community – the way we are taught, treated, and protected as students.  

Take a look at the candidates' personal statements and videos on our website and decide whose objectives and aims are the closest to your heart. With that knowledge, be sure to cast your vote on the candidates of your choice from 9:00 on Tuesday 15 March until 16:00 on Thursday 17 March! Make sure your voice is represented!  

Want to know more about the candidates?  

Come along Monday 14 – Wednesday 16 March to our Meet the Candidate sessions in the M&D room. This is your opportunity to ask candidates any questions you might have on what they want to change or focus on should they be elected.  

As a bonus to voting, we will be planting a tree for every voter! ??So, voting in the Leadership Election is not only a wonderful opportunity to exercise your democratic rights as a part of the Exeter community but also contribute to making our planet greener! 

What are you waiting for, vote now!  

Also, make sure to check our Instagram to stay updated on the elections and other activities run by your Guild.  




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