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Democracy and Governance Review Update February 2021

Democracy and Governance Review Update February 2021

Our Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation (M&A) are also being reviewed, find out what that means...

As part of our Democracy and Governance Review, our Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation (M&A) are also being reviewed.  

What is a Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation?  

At our most basic level, the Students’ Guild legally exists as a charity and a company. Charities and companies need to have a governing document, and that is what the M&A is. It includes standard things like how the organisation should be run and who the trustees are. It also acts as our constitution.  

We have to submit our M&A to Companies House and the Charity Commission. Because we are a students’ union, the University also has to approve it.  

Why does the M&A have to be reviewed?  

Because it is the law – the Education Act 1994 says we need to review it. But is also good practise to periodically review our governance to make sure it is fit for purpose in our current context.  

Is anything changing right now?  

While the M&A is being reviewed, we’ve made the decision to not to elect Student Trustees as part of the February Student Elections. This is so we can implement the changes once they have been adopted. Once the Democracy Review has concluded and we have a new M&A in place, we will communicate to students about the outcomes and the opportunities to be involved with Trustee Board.   

We are aiming to have an update to share with you all in early Spring.  

There are still currently Student Trustees on the Trustee Board for this academic year, you can find out more about the Trustee Board here. 

As a reminder, you can find our first phase announcement from the Democracy Review here

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If you have any questions or comments about this, you can contact either or Sunday Blake, Guild President (who is also Chair of Trustee Board)  

For questions about the election, please contact the Voice team at  




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