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Democracy Update

Democracy Update

Keeping you up to date with our ongoing democracy and governance review

We are your Students’ Guild: we are a students’ union run for students by students. We are a democratic membership organisation which means each and every one of our members (you, students at the University of Exeter) is valued and has a role to play in how your Students’ Guild is led. 

It is best practise in any organisation to routinely review how we do things (and as a students’ union we are required to by law), and this is what we’ve been doing recently in reviewing our governance and democracy arrangements.  

However, it is taking longer than planned and we want to thank you for your patience and to take this opportunity to explain where we are up to and what’s next. We started doing this work last year but as we progressed with it, the more we appreciated it was bigger than expected. Some of this work was also delayed by the impacts of the pandemic.  

As an organisation which represents you, we know that democracy is incredibly important – it is part of our DNA. Transparency is also really important. For this reason, we want to get this right and to let you know we have revisited this project. We are therefore excited to be working with the internationally-renown organisation Dem Soc.  

We want to be bold and innovative with how we get students involved with our democracy and representing the student voice. For this reason, everything is back on the table for us. We’ve got a lot of exciting things ahead: this year will be a year of experimentation with democratic projects and we’re keen for as many students as possible to get involved. Here are some of the ways (with plenty more to come!) you can get involved: 




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