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Brexit Information For Students

Brexit Information For Students

Important information and support for students

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January 2020 under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. This means that 31 January 2020 is now effectively the deadline for the UK to leave the European Union, pending parliamentary proceedings. We recognise that this will have a direct impact on our international students, so we would like to lend our full support.

Included in this article is a series of useful FAQ’s and links as to where you can get further information and support.


Am I a resident in the UK?

If you have arrived in the UK prior to the current Brexit date (31 January 2020) and are able to provide evidence of this (e.g. a Student Status letter confirming registration at the University, your national insurance number), then you will be considered a resident in the UK, and thus eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme, even if the UK exits the EU without a deal. Provided the UK agrees to an exit deal with the EU, this timeline is expected to be extended to cover anyone who arrives in the UK before 31 December 2020.


Do I need to apply for the EU Settlement scheme before the UK exits the EU?

You do not need to apply for pre-settled or settled status before the UK exits the EU on the given Brexit date (31 January 2020). If you are a current resident in the UK, you will be able to apply for pre-settled or settled status at any point before 31 December 2020 (if the UK leaves without a deal) or 30 June 2021 (if the UK and the EU agree to an exit deal). It is important to note, however, that if the UK leaves without a deal, the government can decide to end free movement before the above dates, so it is safer to apply for your status under the EU Settlement Scheme before travelling outside the UK.


Can I still apply for settled status if my passport or national identity card is due to expire?

Your EU Settlement Scheme status is linked to your passport number, so this will need to be updated to your status with your new passport number. You will need to send to send your passport away to do this. With this information in mind, you may wish to apply for settled status after you receive your new passport.


How do I make an application under the EU Settlement Scheme?

You can make an application entirely online, and it is free. If you would like support for applying for settled status, please don’t hesitate to contact If you need to make a quick enquiry, there will be a drop-in session in the Forum on Tuesdays or Fridays between 12:00 and 13:00. Further, we also have Android devices that students can use to submit their settlement applications, so please do not worry if you don’t have a laptop on hand.

Further information

For further information and advice on EU Settlement Scheme applications, the Erasmus+ programme, or travelling during Brexit preparations please look at the main webpage on the University’s website regarding Brexit, or send an email to




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