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Appeal Deadlines

Appeal Deadlines

Useful information about appeals.

Received results from the August exam period, or a letter from your college advising you have been withdrawn or your course changed on 10th September? Should you wish to appeal, please be aware you have 10 working days to do this. This means that the deadline is 23:59 on Monday 24th September.

To increase the chances of a successful appeal, you need to meet the criteria to have grounds to appeal and provide a strong argument, backed up by evidence where possible. This could include timelines, letters of support, minutes, email correspondence etc. where appropriate.  Where there are mitigating factors, you will need to explain why you did not make anyone aware of this at the time.

If you would like the Advice Unit to review your appeal, please send a draft of your completed appeal form and any supporting evidence for us to review, allowing a reasonable amount of time for us to look at it before the appeal deadline.

We cannot tell you if you will be successful but it is your right to appeal.

The criteria for an appeal is clear in that students are not able to make an appeal based solely on the grounds that they disagree with the academic result.


Appeals must be completed on the correct form (found in section 6.1), within 10 working days and where appropriate have the relevant evidence to support the claim.

Full regulations from can be found here and we strongly recommend that you look at this before making an appeal.





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