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All About Welcome Team

All About Welcome Team

What is Welcome Team?

Welcome Team are the ‘people in pink’, the superstars around all of Freshers’ week to help you as you settle into life at the University of Exeter!

Welcome Team members are all students here at the University, trained as student volunteers to help you through Freshers’ week. They’re around helping move you in, meeting new people, finding your way around the many hills of Exeter, and enabling you to have fun.

Every Welcome Team volunteer has been a Fresher themselves and are there to help you having been through it all themselves.

What does Welcome Team do?

Welcome Team are on campus and in the city for all of Freshers’ week to answer any questions, running tours of Exeter, and giving you the local intel to help you settle in.

If you have a question, you want to talk to someone, feel worried, or are lost then grab a Person in Pink and they’ll help you!

How do I find Welcome Team if I need them?

The Welcome Team volunteers are in halls of residence during arrivals weekend, around the campuses during the days, and out in the city during the evening and into the early morning. The bright pink t-shirt immediately shows where the volunteers are, so come and grab them if you want to talk!

Some useful quotations

"I remember my first day at Exeter University vividly. My mum and I drove into the Birks car park and we unloaded my suitcases in front of my block. I was so scared and nervous of starting a new life until a pink shirted boy approached me, helped me move in and showed me around. That random encounter turned into one of the strongest friendships I have made in my first year at Exeter." ­– First Year Student

“I love being a part of the Welcome Team; I remember how scared I was arriving and how having a Welcome Teamer help me put that all at ease. It’s so great to be able to give that feeling back to new students.” – Third Year Welcome Team Member

"When I came to Exeter at the beginning of this year, I was overwhelmed. Being an International student (EU), and even having completed sixth form in England, it was a completely different experience to anything else I have ever encountered. On my first day, when I arrived at Heathrow, I was welcomed by the pink t-shirt people - the Welcome Team! It really is a fantastic idea - straight away I met lots of people that I saw again during Freshers’ Week, they were fantastic support and help with everything... It made me feel at home." – First Year Student




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