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5 reasons why you should nominate yourself

5 reasons why you should nominate yourself

We’ve listed some of the reasons why running for an Officer position could be the right choice for you...

If you want to find out more about how to get involved in the Leadership Elections, you’ve come to the right place! Nominating yourself in an election can be a big decision to make, and the process may feel a bit daunting to some. 

To help you decide, we’ve listed some of the reasons why running for an officer position could be the right choice for you: 

1. You’ll be representing the student voice  

Full-Time Officers represent and act to improve the lives and experiences of their fellow students. As an elected officer, you will drive change, review and implement policy, and make real impact for over 30,000 Exeter students. You will lead, represent, advise, and support your peers and ensure that they are at the heart of everything the Guild does. 

2. This is your chance to make change happen  

Being an officer empowers you to speak up about things which others may forget or try to pretend isn't an issue – holding those with power accountable for actions which threaten the experience for students. If you’ve taken part in protests, petitions and direct action to make changes about issues you are passionate about, you would be a fantastic student leader!  

3. You’ll gain some amazing skills  

You’ll develop key skills and learn what’s important to you, just by campaigning. Regardless of the outcome, running as a candidate in elections can be an incredibly valuable experience. Writing your personal statement can teach you to think and write reflectively about your experiences as a student, and help you learn what truly matters to you. 

Your personal statement and campaign aims are also an opportunity to summarise and promote yourself based on the skills and experience you already have. Meanwhile, campaigning is an opportunity to get creative while managing a budget. Previous candidates have used social media, posters, flyers, and even bed sheets to network with fellow students who you may not otherwise cross paths with. Finally, our ‘Meet the Candidates’ event will give you a chance to develop your public speaking and debating skills. Nominating yourself as a candidate will challenge you to try something new, with the support of Guild staff when you need it. 

4. You will meet some amazing people, and potentially lifelong friends!  

So many of our Officer teams are still in touch and meet regularly, decades on from their year in office! It truly is a unique job experience where you’ll be working so closely with your Officer colleagues that it becomes an Exeter family, for life.  

5. It will be a great experience 

An FTO position is a grad job like no other! Campaigning is a unique job interview, with the outcome decided by your fellow students. FTOs serve for a one-year term, with an annual salary of circa £21,000. Their duties involve serving as Directors and Trustees of a charity and working at top board level alongside the Guild’s Chief Executive, and the university senior management, shaping the organisation’s strategy and direction over the coming years. FTOs work closely with professionals in key areas such as finance, governance, policy, and HR. Similar experiences in other grad jobs could take years to reach! You can read the job descriptions for each role here

Feeling inspired? Head over to the Candidate Hub and submit your nomination from 7-28 February! 




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