Updates on eClaims

Updates on eClaims

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Concerns amongst PTAs regarding issue of contracts and claiming hours via eClaims system
Outcomes so far

Hannah Crowe, Head of Talent Management, has spent the last few months investigating the process by which PTAs are engaged, contracted and then paid.  This has meant detailed discussions with PTAs themselves, PGR Support Officers (and similar roles in colleges), HR Business Partners and a Director of Education.
The above discussions have shown that while the eClaims system does have its frustrations, many of the issues stem from the origination of the contracts and delays that happen with regards to setting timetables and hours, as well as individual processes that have been set by colleges.
We have confirmed that, for any PTAs on Tier 4 visas, weekly hours do need to be monitored and therefore inputted by the PTA into eClaims – this is to meet Home Office regulations

- A business case for a new system is under review at the moment and if approved it would allow us to go out to tender for a new system (6-months process)

With regards to non-Tier 4 visa holders we are looking at solutions around the type of contract a PTA is on and whether there is an alternative way of getting accurate information of work completed.
 This has many implications including moving resource around within college administration teams and HR, ensuring teaching requirements are gathered more swiftly and are accurate first time, so this is not a quick fix.
Holly Hellier, Senior HR Business Partner, has been looking into current arrangements for similar roles within Doctoral College and whether we can replicate this arrangement for PTAs.  Update from Holly Hellier:

Initial discussions with College-based HR Business Partners suggest that if feasible, contracts whereby no use of eClaims is needed, would be a positive solution for those PTAs whose hours are planned.  This will require better planning on the part of the College (which we are trying to facilitate in any case).  However, there will continue to be last minute engagement of PTA hours which could be managed through eClaims until such time as they can be processed through the FTC route.
Next Steps

Meeting with Senior HR Business Partner and other HR Business Partners (and possibly Directors of College Operations) to discuss feasibility of options.

Senior HR Business Partner to continue to assess current arrangements for similar roles within Doctoral College and whether we can replicate this arrangement for PTAs.

Discussion with Malaka Shwaikh (and some PTAs) regarding potential way forward.

Resource requirements reviewed and discussions with relevant Directors around this (feasibility/ impacts/ timescales).
Implementation plan for change.


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