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International Rep

International Rep

Ritu For YOU!

My promises

  1. Ensuring better support for international societies by holding once a week meeting hours with society presidents to talk and raise concerns
  2. Regular follow up with the International Students’ Council to maintain a smooth communication between the ISC and the International societies, and providing external support to the DVP International
  3. Improve grant system by providing structured feedback on the society proposal, in conjunction with the Societies Officers.

About me

Hey everyone!

I am Ritu, a second year BA English student from India, member of the International Welcome team, a travel and chocolate lover, and I am running for your SocExec: International Representative for coming academic year, to ensure better representation for the international societies on campus.

What I will do

Being on the committee for the International Students Council this year as Cultural Events Officer has given me invaluable hands-on experience in engaging with the International community here at Exeter, which is why I believe that I am best suited for this role. If elected, I will try my level best to make sure that that every society achieves its best with proper help and advice.




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