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Art and Culture Rep

Art and Culture Rep


My promises

  1. Make sure all the ideas and thoughts you put forward get proper feedback from the guild
  2. Be clearer to societies about the existence of funding and ensure the funding for Arts and Culture is not wasted

About me

I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student who is very involved with the music and in particular, the musical theatre side of the university. I am currently on three committtees as General Secretary of the Jazz Orchestra, Assistant Musical Director of the Big Band and Social Secretary of the Engineering Society. I have also been the Musical Director of Shotgun Theatre's Made in Dagenham, am currently the Assistant Musical Director and in the Band for Footlights' Gypsy and have been in various other bands for different shows. Due to all this, I am well integrated within the dramatic and artistic circles and also very approachable so I will represent and stand up for everyone's voice in this wonderful community!

What I will do

Arts and Culture have often been neglected from a societies executive position and that needs to change. Some of the most talented people in the uni are involved with these societies and they need to have a stronger voice within the guild. 

Ensuring that all your ideas go to the soc exec officers and then to the guild is very important to me, things can't be changed if those who can make the change aren't fully aware of what the people want. It is also important that whatever is suggested gets feedback. This means that in the unfortunate event that nothing can be done about a problem or issue, you are made aware why not and not just left in the dark. I would also set up a way of taking in comments and suggestions that is suitable to you which can be discussed in an initial meeting.

When it comes to guild funding, too many people are simply unaware that it is something that is available to them! Again, that needs to change. Many societies within the Arts and Culture bracket could regularly benefit from this funding and I would make sure no committee remains in the dark on this.

Overall I believe I can be a very suitable candidate to suit all of you and your vote would be much appreciated.




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