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Equality Panels

Equality Panels


15/07/19 - Initial conversation was had with Tim Harris so talk through how we can engage more students with Equality Council.

23/07/19 - Equality panel expectations were determined, names and initial application process.

26/07/19 - Application forms ready to go.

5/08/19 - comms plan was submitted

18/09/19 - took to Guild council

21/09/19 - Received feedback

25/09/19 - Guild Exec - receive more feedback.

01/10/19 - Email to consult different networks and societies as well as the chaplaincy to see if they'd help in facilitating discussion.

02/10/19 - Took to equality council to discuss

07/19/19 - comms released

08/10/19 - targeted emails to be sent


· Disability Panel

· LGBTQ+ Panel

· Mature students, Parents and Carers Panel

· Religion and Beliefs Panel

· Women's Panel

· BAME panel 

. International panel  


Throughout the year, there is a standing agenda point to review the effectiveness of Equality Panels - they are subject to change dependant on success and failures!




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