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Black History Month

Black History Month


26/07/19 - meeting with Shades, ran through EDI plan

22/08/19 - BME network discussions

23/08/19 - Comms plan

04/09/19 - Femsoc facetime meeting

09/09/19 - Met with ACS to get their initial thoughts and ideas.

13/09/19 - Met with LGBTQ+ society to see if they'd be happy doing anything.

19/09/19 - Website meeting

20/09/19 - Campus cinema meeting

20/09/19 - Met with Joff and Nicki to finalise Guild Plans

23/09/19 - Hall of Fame submission post went out

24/09/19 - Design brief finalised

24/09/19 - Met with Joff Cook to finalise DJ

25/09/19 - Met with Deb Soc

26/09/19 - Met with ACS to get approval

27/09/19 - Joff and Nick to update on lemmy night

27/09/19 - Call with Bame Law

27/09/19 - History Society meeting

30/09/19 - Comms was ready to go.

01/10/19 - Social media went live.

08/10/19 – Decided to no longer go ahead with the debate regarding political blackness as couldn’t find anyone to speak for the opposition, will put all my effort

Guild Plans:

  • Website Launch
  • History Society Talk.
  • Urbn Dance and World Music Choir Performance
  • T-shirt order
  • Irie eats (pop up catering outlet)
  • Black History Hall of Fame
  • Curriculum Discussion – need to secure another speaker, promote and organise after talk catering in DH2.
  • AfroBeats night at the Lemon Grove
  • Football tournament



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