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The opportunity to be involved with mental health and welfare training

The opportunity to be involved with mental health and welfare training

Tender will deliver training on sexual harassment and abuse throughout the year. VP Welfare and Diversity to deliver Welfare Training for committee members.

09/08/19 – Contact made with Look After Your Mate

12/08/19 – Contact made with Student Minds

03/09/19 – Phone call with Mental Health First Aid England

30/09/19 – Meeting to discuss training options with DVP Wellbeing

03/10/19 – Phone call with Tender - free training offered

08/10/19 – Meeting with Nightline to discuss involvement

09/10/19 – Meeting with Verity to discuss involvement of Lions Barber Collective and Ask for Angela

17/10/19 – Meeting to confirm training with Activities Team

06/11/19 – Proposed date of Wellbeing Wednesday

11/11/19 – Meeting to discuss the role of Welfare Officer on committee’s and how we can best support them

22/11/19 and 23/11/19 –Tender training took place, very positive feedback from students

03/11/19 – Email to go out to gain feedback from attendees

08/02/20 – Further Tender training for staff and students - to be continued at future dates 




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