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Make the Guild Hardship Fund more sustainable

Make the Guild Hardship Fund more sustainable

The Guild Hardship Fund supports students from lower financial backgrounds by providing financial support that allows them to join societies, participate in events and so on. There is currently a very limited amount available so we are working towards making this more sustainable.  

16/08/19 – Meeting with Emily Jameson and Tom Benson to discuss amount of available funds and logistics of fund allocation

03/08/19 – Meeting with Activities and Advice to confirm application criteria and discuss promotion

13/09/19 – Meeting with Rose Cohen to discuss how to increase funds through crowdfunder

04/10/19 – Meeting with Tim Baron to confirm amount of available funds

16/10/19 – Meeting with Activities to draft a campaign/promotional plan

05/11/19 - Meeting with Communications Team to discuss campaign/promotional plan

11/11/19 – Call out to student videographers to assist in delivery of campaign video

14/11/19 – Meeting with Assistant Activities Manager to discuss content of video.

22/11/19 – Meeting with Videographer to discuss vision for Hardship Fund

28/11/19 – Societies contacted about filming opportunity

03/12/19 – Filming to begin – attending 15 society events from a range of categories

20/12/19 – Video complete

17/02/20 - Meeting with Annual Fund to finalise Crowdfunder details 

11/03/20 - Some edits still to be made - suggested Crowdfunder launch date 





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