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Maintain the focus on Refreshers’ Week, but expand the range of student involvement possible

Maintain the focus on Refreshers’ Week, but expand the range of student involvement possible

I have established a Refreshers’ working group which is in the early planning stages of delivering a small-scale Freshers’ Week in January. This will be aimed at the new intake of students in January as well as those students who may not have signed up for societies during September. This week will involve the promotion of university and Guild departments as well as commercial and society stalls.

25/09/19 – Initial Refreshers’ Brainstorm with Abigail Milne

07/10/19 – First Refreshers’ Working Group to discuss involvement of each Guild department

11/10/19 – Meeting with Nicola Carter to discuss a proposed plan for the week

11/10/19 – St Luke Freshers’ Fair survey to be sent out asking ‘what would you want from a future fair’ – feedback to inform what activity we put on during Refreshers’ Week

16/10/19 – Meeting with Amber Delaney to discuss society involvement

23/10/19 – Second Refreshers’ Working Group (every two weeks until January)

29/10/19 - Meeting with Activities Manager and Societies Co-Ordinator to discuss logistics of society involvement

06/11/19 – Societies Council to have input on Refreshers’ planning

07/11/19 - Meeting with Societies Co-Ordinator to plan first communications with societies

12/11/19 - Refresher’s discussed with Medical Societies Officer for feedback from St Luke’s based societies.

13/10/19 – St Luke’s Executive asked for input on Refreshers’ Week

21/11/19 – Meeting with Career Zone to discuss their involvement on ‘Employability Day’

22/11/19 – Societies contacted about Refreshers – encouraged to put on events and sign up to stalls

26/11/19 – Meeting with Commercial Manager to discuss Refreshers’ Activity on St Luke’s

27/11/19 – Design Brief submitted to Communications Team – promotional materials being delivered  

10/12/19 – Meeting with Student Engagement Advisor of INTO to discuss their involvement and promotion

12/12/19 – Presentation to Study Abroad staff to promote Refreshers

12/01/20 – Refreshers Launch Party

13/01/20 – Refreshers Week

20/01/20 – Refreshers Week wash up




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