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Facilitate opportunities for students by creating relationships between university...

Facilitate opportunities for students by creating relationships between university...

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Most of my time during my first two months as VP Activities was taken up by introductions/meetings with both Guild and University staff. These meetings were key in developing connections with staff members who can help facilitate opportunities for our members.

Some of the ways by which we have done this are:

1. Working with the University Communications Department to put on networking events for Exposé

04/09/19 – Meeting with University Communications Team – Activities Team to take a lead on networking event and training

2. Working with the Arts and Culture team to inform students of the commissions and various events they can get involved in

19/08/19 – Meeting with Associate Director for Arts and Culture to discuss upcoming events and opportunities for students

02/10/10 – Meeting with Arts and Culture Communications and Marketing Team to confirm details of events to share amongst societies

25/11/19, 03/02/20, 07/05/20 – Arts and Culture Steering Group

3. Working with Annual Fund to ensure societies can access the funding they need

13/09/19 – Meeting with Annual Fund - invited to BSH to promote funding to society committees

26/11/19 – Meeting with Annual Fund regarding Access to Music bursary – discussion on how best to allocate funds to benefit student experience

4. Working with the Provost Commission to involve students in the work they are doing including Bystander Intervention Training and Consent Collective events

10/09/19 – Introductions with Provost Commission

24/09/19 – Meeting with Business Manager to Provost regarding Exeter Respect Festival – also discussion about Consent Collective’s ‘How to be Good in Bed’ event, Bystander Intervention Training and promotion of Respect Matters quiz

03/10/19 – Chief College Operations Officer and EDI lead attends Big Society Hello and talks about inclusivity within societies

5. Facilitating a meeting between the Multi Faith and Worldview Societies and relevant Guild and University staff.

06/11/19 – Meeting with Multi Faith and Worldview Society Presidents, their Society Officer, Director of Student Experience and Chaplaincy Team. This meeting was to involve relevant societies in discussions about the new Multi-Faith Hub as well as introducing them to the Chaplaincy Team as a point of support within the University.

6. Working with the University to increase the amount of space available for societies.

14/11/19 – Discussion with Director of Commercial Services about NatWest and Terrace space

7. Giving students the opportunity to work on Guild projects as an alternative to outsourcing

11/12/19 – Discussion with Guild Senior Designer about student involvement in production of Guild Hardship Fund video - advert sent out to students

27/12/19 – Meeting with Communications Manager, Senior Designer and chosen videographer to discuss video as well as future involvement of students in Guild projects

8. Opportunities for society involvement in the Exeter Respect Festival

24/09/19 – Monthly discussions on festival begin

17/01/20 – Expression of interest form and further information sent to societies

9. Opportunities for society involvement in the Community Day

08/01/20 – Monthly discussions on Community Day begin

20/01/20 – Event to be publicised to students encouraging their involvement

10. Building a relationship between the College of Law and Law Societies

23/09/19 – First meeting of Law Society Transition Board to meet monthly

23/01/20 – Meeting with new Head of Law School

29/01/20 – Proposed date of Law Societies Networking event


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