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Develop a strike support plan to mitigate the potential impact on students

Develop a strike support plan to mitigate the potential impact on students

In the instance of strikes taking place, we have developed a strike support plan for students and will put out a survey that will determine the student body’s stance on strike action and cause. We will implement a set of actions in support accordingly.

20/08/19 – Student Leadership Team meet to discuss potential industrial action - VP Activities nominated to take a lead and to develop a strike support plan

22/08/19 – VP Activities and VP Welfare and Diversity attend University Communications Industrial Action Mitigation Group

12/09/19 – Survey discussed and confirmed with Research and Insight Coordinator 

23/09/19 – Strike support plan discussed by SLT, Scott, James and Voice - next step determined to be educating Academic Reps on the potential industrial action to reach out to and support student body - James and Tiago to take a lead on this

01/10/19 – Guild Communications team briefed on what content would need to be put out and when in the event of strike taking place

30/10/19 - Meeting with Head of Membership Services and Voice Team to provide proposed questions to be taken to Academic Reps. Statement to be released to students on behalf of Student Leadership Team.

11/11/19 – Strike poll opens to gain student feedback. Set to close on 20/11.

12/11/19 – Meeting with Head of Vice Chancellor’s Office to discuss plans for Strike Q&A

18/11/19 – VP Activities to chair Strike Q&A panel

21/11/19 – Strike poll result released – communications and support released to students

28/11/10 – Open letter sent to Vice Chancellor on behalf of students

03/12/20 - SLT and University Senior Management have a discussion with occupiers followed by discussion with University Senior Management about occupation. 

03/12/20 - SLT send response to Vice Chancellor’s response to open letter 

16/12/20 - Response from Vice Chancellor to above letter 

13/02/20 - Industrial action discussed at Student Experience Advisory Board 

26/02/20 - Discussion with University Senior Management Team regarding open letter, strikes and occupation




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