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Your Masters Matters

Your Masters Matters

I am a third-year English and Art History student with a love of all things Renaissance. During my time at Exeter I have been involved with the Surf, Art, and French society. I am also a writer for RAZZ, the student arts and culture magazine and one of the founding members of Don’t Walk Boogie.

My reasons for standing in the election are simple, I want to improve the current taught Masters courses by bringing the student voice together. Although the Masters degree is shorter than an undergraduate, I want to ensure that the Masters students enjoy their time at Exeter as much as possible, have an appropriate amount of contact hours, and guarantee that their views are not forgotten.

I will be doing a Taught Masters myself next year. Therefore, I am confident that any issues we have will be quickly conveyed to the Postgraduate Network and the Guild Council.


  1. Ensure that taught masters students voices are heard - make an online forum for Taught Masters students where they can raise any issues and share any ideas for improving their courses.
  2. Create a timetable displaying when and where the weekly undergraduate lectures are taking place so Masters students are also able to attend if they wish.
  3. Creation of a course specific welcome pack for the taught masters students.
  4. Create recommended reading lists which will be compiled by previous masters students.
  5. Ensure the university maintains its diversity in research, so that students have greater opportunity to develop original research.

After speaking to current masters students, the point raised in many of the comments, was the need for a welcome pack which contained the course curriculum and deadlines, so that students can plan around crucial dates.

One of my main aims is to ensure that students are clear on the demands of their respective courses, allowing them the time to plan in advance for interviews and Phd admission deadlines.

Many masters students come to Exeter for its diversity in research, I am confident that with this position I will continue to uphold and promote original, surprising and diverse research in all subject areas.

I intend to make a timetable available for the taught masters students, so they are able to see where and when the undergraduate lectures for their subjects are taking place and attend, in order to recap or widen their knowledge, if they wish.

Current students showed their interest in convening with fellow course-mates to share their work. I intend to start a program where students in similar research areas can combine their resources and create group reading lists which can be passed down to the next year of students in order to provide a varied knowledge-base before they start their course. I hope this program will have long-term impact as it is sustained through each cohort of masters students.

Ultimately, one of our largest resources are our fellow students and we need to take advantage of this by creating links across years and giving postgraduate students a louder and more unified voice.

Following the PTES feedback, I also want to improve access to mental health services for masters students on campus.

Your Masters Matters.




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