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I am a final year English student and president of the International Students' council! Currently responsible for representing all international students in the Guild and University and running Cultures and Diversity Week! I have also been on the committees of UNICEF on campus, EUTCO and Asian society and a member of the Welcome Team and Exeter University Ladies football club. Having had experience with both campaigns and events, I am confident, rational and most importantly, reliable!

I'm all about making people feel safe, happy and included at Exeter University and the the wider community <3. Here to listen and to help! So if you're with me, it's time to Get Your Shades ON!


  1. Increase support from A&V: Appointment of a figurehead who is in personal contact with students and student-led groups to handle queries related to society finances.
  2. Reduce Stigma around mental health and offer support through stress relief workshops!
  3. International Student Support: Offering translations of key-information (housing, mental health and wellbeing) from the Guild to make it more accessible.
  4. Employability: Introducing career-focused modules from first year in all colleges across the university to get people prepared for and confident about their career choices.
  5. Study spaces: Promotion of existent study spaces through grab and go food and coffee outlets like subway near Harrison and Amory Building!

Student Engagement

  1. Putting up response counters around campus, especially food outlets so that student’s can vote on Student Ideas.
  2. Improve student ideas’ game design. Guild points for engagement!
  3. Increase student engagement in the Guild through emphasis on the fact that engagement with the Guild would count as transferrable skills and facilitate employability.
  4. Making Exeter a safe and inclusive community through inclusivity campaigns like #WeAreAllExeter

Eating on Campus

  1. More microwaves, hot taps and kettles around campus, especially in study spaces open till late.
  2. Assessing and improving menus and student deals in the Grove/Ram. Lobby for a ‘different specials each fortnightly’ scenario.
  3. More healthy drinks in the meal deals.

Guild Points:

  1. Checking them online
  2. Use these towards discounts at guild outlets.

Study Spaces:

  1. Promotion of existent study spaces through grab and go food and coffee outlets near Harrison and Amory Building like subway!
  2. Promoting study spaces off-campus like Devon and Exeter Institute

Activities and Volunteering:

  1. Simplicity of design and access for room bookings.
  2. Lobby for Night-line volunteers to get breakfast at university halls.
  3. Appointment of a figurehead who is in personal contact with students and student-led groups to handle queries related to society finances.
  4. Training days for incoming society committees to make them aware of procedures regarding risk assessments, reimbursement and other events related aspects. Making it further accessible through using more pictures, less words

Health and Wellbeing:

  1. Letting people know that it’s okay to not be okay. Add a flyer about mental health into Freshers Packs!
  2. Promoting the services provided by the advice unit and wellbeing centre. Emphasising these as safe and confidential spaces.
  3. Providing clarity on the criteria, application process and deadlines associated with mitigation.
  4. Stress relief workshops and events on campus not just during exam season but also during high deadline season (coffee deals , bouncy castle!)

St. Lukes:

  1. Have and promote weekly Drop-In Days at St. Luke’s
  2. Fortnightly meetings with guild and society representatives on St. Luke’s campus.

International Students:

  1. Regular check in and follow up with International student Representatives


  1. Constant contact with Postgraduate society as it is often the primary point of contact
  2. Support incoming VP PGT and PGR in their roles and devise ways to increase postgraduate student engagement.


  1. Lobby for an Online booking system for Career Zone appointments.

Collaboration between Guild and AU:

  1. Facilitating bookings for Guild’s sport related events.

Representing the student voices of Exeter at national level by participating in more conferences and spreading awareness about NUS




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