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Volunteer Charter

Volunteer Charter

The Volunteer Charter sets out the Rights of student volunteers, and the responsibilities they have. This charter is influenced heavily by the work of Cumbria Council who use a similar model to ensure the communities they support work in ways which enable volunteers rather than exploiting them.

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Volunteers’ Rights

  • To be given a clear description of their role as a volunteer and responsibilities within the organisation.
  • To be given the name of someone in the organisation that will look after their interests whilst they volunteer, and who will offer them appropriate induction, training and support and regular supervision.
  • To be assured that any information shared with the organisation is kept confidential and is in compliance with the data protection act.
  • To be given the same consideration under health and safety as permanent staff.
  • To ensure that there are clear problem solving procedures
  • To be offered opportunities for training and skills development, appropriate for their role and tasks as a volunteer.
  • Not to be exploited – volunteers should not:
    • Be used to replace paid workers
    • Have unfair demands made on their time
    • Be asked to do something which is against their principles or beliefs
  • To be given the chance to play a part in decision making within the organisation.
  • To be paid out-of-pocket expenses such as travel and lunch whilst doing voluntary work.
  • To be able to take a break from or cease to volunteer.

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

  • To accept the organisation’s aims and objectives and work within agreed policies and procedures.
  • To do what is reasonably requested of them, to the best of their ability.
  • To treat information obtained whilst volunteering in an appropriate confidential manner and adhere to the organisation’s confidentiality policies.
  • To recognise that they represent the organisation and therefore need to act in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • To honour any commitment made, to the best of their abilities, notifying the organisation in good time should they be unable to keep that commitment.
  • To be willing to undertake appropriate training as necessary for the voluntary work undertaken.
  • To recognise the right of the organisation to expect quality of service from its volunteers.
  • To share suggestions for changes in working practices with the Volunteer Organiser.



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