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Hi I'm David and I want to be the next DVP of wellbeing.

I am a fresher who really enjoys Exeter life. From the many societies and Clubs I am a social member of to Ancient history which I study (fortunately that means I have lots of time to dedicate to wellbeing).

I am passionate about Wellbeing as I have suffered from depression whilst at uni and have tried to access the Wellbeing services. This means I understand the pain of a two week waiting list and want a chance to change this. I understand personally lots about depression and am willing to share my experiences and offer advice. Having heard of many other wellbeing schemes at other unis I would also welcome the opportunity to implement them here.


  1. I would like to have more stress relieving activities in wellbeing week and around exams!
  2. I would like work with campaigns to raise more awareness of university suicide and depression
  3. I want to work closer with service off campus to reduce the pressure on the current wellbeing team.

I would like to try and reduce the waiting time of Wellbeing and get everyone access the same week, to do this I will try to get off campus services to help as well as promote other services such as the chaplaincy and Resident's life. I would have a regular drop in sessions with volunteers who have struggled whilst at Exeter for people to come and discuss any issues. As well as trying to create student groups who would like to offer support to others. I would like to start more wellbeing weeks, which would help awareness, and offer an opportunity for people to anonymously contact members of wellbeing. I would try to work with campaigns and the guild to raise awareness around depression on campus. At the same time I would have stress relieving activities around exams such as bubble wrap popping, finger painting, and hopefully Puppy Therapy!! I will be dedicated to the role if you vote for me as I understand the issues of University Wellbeing and for this reason, and with your input, I feel like I could successful change the Wellbeing at Exeter!




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