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My promises

  1. Promote the Shadow Council and its function
  2. Better publicity - more online communication and visibility
  3. Greater accountability – of both of Shadow Council executives and other branches of Guild Council

About me

I'm a second year International Relations and Politics student who enjoys theatre and suffers through terrible puns about my family name. #DontNaudOff #JuliaYesJuliaNaud

What I will do

Student ideas are an integral part of the student democracy and should be better scrutinised. As such, student ideas should be a recurrent part of the weekly Shadow Council. 
Furthermore, I believe that the Sabbs should continue with their weekly overview, as it allows for a better comprehension of their work.

Moreover, although Shadow Council's presence on Twitter is now well established, in order to reach even more students a Facebook page should be created and the meetings should be live streamed through Facebook Live.




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