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Vote Kam for DVP Kam-paigns

Vote Kam for DVP Kam-paigns

I am a first year studying History and Ancient History. As a former Head Girl, I believe that I am suitable for this role as I have a lot of experience managing campaigns targeted towards students, businesses and politicians.

I am approachable, friendly and a hard worker and will tirelessly work to deliver campaigns that have a high impact, are high profile and will help to deliver real change for students at Exeter University.


  1. Improve student ideas: I will make sure more students are aware of it, make it more accessible and encourage more students to vote!
  2. Engage with Guild societies: I will help publicise society campaigns and ensure societies engage with students more effectively.
  3. Improve the Guild’s methods of campaigning: use both traditional and digital methods to ensure students know about Guild campaigns.

1. Improve student ideas: student ideas is an excellent forum for students to make a real change at the university but, when I arrived in September, I had no idea it existed! As DVP Campaigns I would work to make it more accessible, encourage more students to put forward ideas and continue to share the ideas on social media platforms, like Facebook, and through emails.

2. Engage with Guild societies: It's important that students are aware of what societies are doing and know about the campaigns they are running. I would offer support to societies to run more campaigns that students will engage with.

3. Improve the Guild's methods of campaigning: One of the most effective ways of engaging with students is through social media and using technology. As DVP I'd work to ensure the Guild continues to do this, using the screens around campus to advertise campaigns and arranging high-impact social media campaigns.

4. Attend scrutiny regularly: Having been a Shadow Councillor, I understand how important it is for Guild Councillors to be scrutinised and held to account. I promise to attend scrutiny regularly and give an update on the progress of the Campaigns Council.

5. Improve interaction: As DVP Campaigns I will make it easy for you to contact me so you can bring campaigns that are important to you directly to my attention. I will have a Facebook and Twitter page that I will check regularly, to ensure I am supporting campaigns that matter most to the students at the university.




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