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Soma Pirityi, DVP Games Design

Soma Pirityi, DVP Games Design


I want to make sure that students should always be aware what is happening in Exeter, and they should have equal opportunity to influence it. As far as I am concerned, in the leadership of the university nothing is more important than the opinion of the consumers aka the students. Therefore, I will do my best to keep the community informed and to ensure that they should have place around the conference tables whatever topic is negotiated.


If an idea is successfully passed by the students I want to make sure that this idea becomes reality as soon as possible. Over the last few years many ambitious proposals disappeared in the inscrutable labyrinth of bureaucracy. One of my main missions with this role is to eliminate the wishy-washy paper work and make the Guild a strong and dynamic system which is never afraid of standing up when the interest of the students wants to do so.

Student Ideas

In my point of view Student Ideas system is the most significant part of the so-called student democracy. A forum where everybody has a chance to raise their voice regarding to an issue what they find important. I want to push the Guild to discuss the key questions with students through this site and demolish the decisions made behind closed doors and the era of double deals under the table.


Student democracy is the best thing ever, but if and only if everybody is well informed enough to make responsible decisions. As DVP Game Design, I will work tirelessly in order that students get all the respect and power in exchange for their tuition fee which is higher than ever. I believe that at our university nothing matters more than the students’ will, and as a representative of theirs, my duty is to serve their will and never compromise.




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