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Top tips

Top tips to get and stay connected

Special Occasions by Andrew

If you can't be with your loved ones on a special occasion (e.g. birthday) but you still want to celebrate, you could both order the same Deliveroo so you can share the same meal from opposite ends of the city of even country!

Weekly Events by Ruby

Scheduling in weekly events! We had a weekly quiz with our family and it gave a lot of us something to look forward to. Having something in the diary like a weekly quiz or sesh haha can be really good!

Virtual Dates by Xanthippi

My tip is to plan weekly virtual dates. During lockdown I knew that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-9 i had a virtual get together with my friends and that was comforting and something to looking forward to. Specific dates and hours made us plan accordingly the rest of the day and never miss a call! Used the Netflix Party chrome extension to watch a films with some friends who also live alone. It has a chat window but we also did a call because we did stupid films we wanted to talk about.

Checkin with Friends by Olivia 

Set a day a week or once a fortnight to check in with your friends or family. From planning a quiz over zoom or watching an episode of Friends using Netflix Party, there's lots you can do to stay connected virtually!

Try Something New by Emily

Try something new! Whether it be a new hobby, a society, a sport or music, it's a great way to meet people with similar interests to you that you may not meet through your course! Why not suggest a virtual meet up for a small group of you so you can get to know each other outside of your regular events!




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