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Support Available for you!

Support Available for you!

Whilst you’re at University there are a number of different avenues of support available to you, we’ve listed some of the key ones below and how to contact them!

Whilst you’re at University there are a number of different avenues of support available to you, we’ve listed some of the key ones below and how to contact them! 

Guild Advice Unit: 

We offer a free, independent and confidential advice service for University of Exeter students. Our trained advisers specialise in University processes – supporting students to understand how the University works and to exercise their rights within this environment. Our advisers are accredited by the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA), or they are working towards that accreditation. We are also members of Advice UK, the largest independent network of advice services within the UK. 

We are happy to support students on any matter where they require advice. Sometimes we do this by providing information and advice, sometimes we provide detailed casework support. On other occasions, we help students to access specialist services or information relevant to their circumstances. We exist to support and empower students and we will always provide an honest, non-judgmental service. 




Wellbeing Services are here to help students get the most out of their time at University. Health and wellbeing are crucial ingredients of effective study as well as a rich and fulfilling student experience, but staying well in body and mind isn’t always easy at University. For students with disabilities and long-term health conditions we understand that you may need support to manage your health and wellbeing, as well as your studies, whilst at University. We recognise that it’s much more difficult to learn and enjoy student life when practical and personal difficulties arise. Wellbeing Services can offer a range of services to support students personally and in their studies when difficulties occur. 

Wellbeing Services is our umbrella term for the multiple wellbeing teams we have here at the University. We are made up of three main pathways including: 

Wellbeing Services also includes the Exeter Access Centre

Contact: Please read our Wellbeing Services summary leaflet to help you decide how to get in touch. If you are unsure who to speak to, please ring us on 01392 724381 or email us at and we will be happy to guide you. If you require urgent support, please click here.   

Peer Support

Peer Support is an excellent opportunity for both mentors and mentees to build community networks, even more so with the reduced physical contact this academic year is facing. For mentors, it is a great chance to enhance your employability skills and have the effort recognised on your HEAR record. For mentees, it is an opportunity to build a network of peers and learn in a supportive environment. We would strongly encourage you to consider being involved in peer support, either as a mentor or encouraging students to sign up as mentees.  

There are a number of schemes available, from course-specific schemes to wider college level schemes. To see this list, please go to for all the details.  



Togetherall - 24/7 peer and professional support


 Wellbeing Services have teamed up with Togetherall to offer you extra support at this time. Togetherall provides safe, anonymous online support 24/7. You can share your experiences anonymously with your peers at any time of the day or night, and find support from those experiencing similar difficulties. Togetherall provides 24/7 peer and professional support (with trained healthcare professionals online at all times), plus a range of wellbeing courses and tools to help people self-manage their wellbeing. 

Click here to register with Togetherall now.



 ‘We’re here to listen, not lecture.’ 

Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by students for students at the University of Exeter. We are affiliated with the National Nightline Association and one of 35 Good Practice Guidelines Accredited university nightlines in the country. Available from 8pm until 8am throughout the night during term time, we are trained volunteer students here to listen to anything you’d like to talk about. Any Exeter student is welcome to use our service, whether you are an  undergrad, postgrad, international student, or even currently studying abroad. 

You can contact us about anything, whether you’re worried about your studies, having relationship problems, or just want someone to talk to on your way home at night. While for most students their time at university is a positive experience, it can be challenging too, and being able to talk things through to a fellow student in a safe and confidential space can make all the difference! 

Contact: Call us - find our number on the back of your student card (Skype Audio Call also?available). Instant Message us - click here.



The University Chaplaincy Team aim to provide opportunities for worship and for faith to be nurtured. The Chaplains are always ready to discuss issues of faith or daily living or any personal matter in confidence at all times.  


Contact: Call 01392 263649 or visit the Chaplaincy website. 





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