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99 Solutions, but Boredom ain’t one

99 Solutions, but Boredom ain’t one

We’re fed up of telling you about all the things you can’t do, so instead, we’re going to tell you 99 things you can do!

1. Organise a movie night with your household bubble

2. Treat you and your household to a pamper night!

3. Host a come dine with me style competition with your household

4. Try out a new route on your daily walk!

5. Visit some woodlands local to you and get some fresh air!

6. Visit one of the local National Trust properties for your daily walk (if its local to you)

7. Try out a takeaway from one of the many independent restaurants and cafés in Exeter!

8. Sign up to one of our 300 societies  

9. Explore Exeter’s 6 valley parks during your daily walk!

10. Offer to help your neighbours with shopping or other tasks 

11. Attend one of our fitness societies virtual sessions!

12. Learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to try

13. Sign up to volunteer

14.  Fundraise for a charity 

15. Learn more about Black history/the Black Lives Matter Movement 

16. Learn a new language 

17. Take a course – there are loads of free courses on FutureLearn!

18. Start a blog

19. Sort out your old photos and make a scrapbook

20. Make a bucket list 

21. Learn to DJ

22. Start a YouTube Channel

23. Binge watch a boxset you’ve been meaning to watch

24. Learn how to bake

25. Learn sign language

26. Start a journal

27. Sort out your unwanted clothes to donate to charity

28. Write a novel

29. Try out virtual tours of the world’s top attractions

30. Organise a karaoke night with your bubble

31.  Sign up to be a Pen Pal

32. Attend one of our free Get Connected virtual events 

33. Learn to play a music instrument

34.  Take on a fitness challenge 

35. Declutter your space

36. Attend a virtual gig

37. Try out a virtual escape room

38. Learn first aid 

39. Start a virtual book club

40. Upcycle your clothes/furniture

41.  Tackle an impossible jigsaw

42. Start reading that book that’s been sat on your shelf for a while!

43.  Learn to cook something new

44. The lockdown favourite – host a virtual pub quiz 

45. Update your CV

46. Catch up on sleep

47. Try out meditation 

48. Organise your thoughts

49. Try out a new podcast

50. Learn a new word every day!

51. Donate to a food bank

52. Take time for reflection 

53. If you need someone to talk to, give Nightline a call

54. Host a virtual festival with your bubble and livestream old performances

55. Re-watch your favourite film

56. Unplug from technology 

57.  Support a local business online

58.  Get your household together for a virtual theatre performance 

59. Get in touch with a friend you’ve been meaning to contact

60. Have a garden? Why not spruce it up?

61. Visit a zoo or aquarium virtually

62. Try out Among Us!

63. Check in with your friends and family

64. Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog

65. Live stream the Northern Lights

66. Try out a crafts tutorial

67. Research your favourite conspiracy theory

68. Watch a documentary

69. Host a games night for your household

70. Create a mood board on Pinterest

71. Watch a TED Talk 

72. Give a TED talk

73. Give a yoga tutorial a go

74. Go on a virtual date 

75. Make your own sourdough starter and feed it every day

76. Take a virtual museum tour

77. Reach out to multi-faith chaplaincy

78. Have a picnic 

79. Research your family tree

80. Plan a holiday for the future to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit 

81. Reach out to one of your course student representatives 

82. Sign an online petition 

83. Make sure you’ve registered to vote

84. Listen to an audio book 

85. Write the first three chapters of your autobiography 

86. Start a new society

87. Take up photography and photograph some memories

88. Get a paper published in an academic journal

89. Solve a mystery

90. Develop an idea for a new app

91. Try and hit 10,000 steps a day

92. Create a band

93. Make a playlist of your favourite songs 

94. Sign up as a peer mentor 

95. Get to that level you’ve been trying to reach on your favourite video game 

96. Set you and your household a weekly fun challenge and see what you come up with 

97. Create a virtual study group with course mates

98. Try and reduce your carbon footprint 

99. Challenge your household to a bake off




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