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Always read the small print! Of course, a rental contract is not the most riveting of reads but it’s important to know what you are signing. The language can be really confusing and complex so throughout the ‘take your time to sign’ initiative we will be releasing common words and phrases in context of a contract to ensure you are fully prepared.



Joint and several liability

You are all equally responsible for adhering to the conditions of the agreement. As a group, each of you is responsible for ensuring that the whole rent is paid. If one or more of you default on your obligations the remaining tenants are also liable for the rent. However, they may take legal action against that individual.


If you are moving into a property where there are three or more people who share facilities and at least one person isn't related to the others it is likely that you are leaving in a House in Multiple Occupation


An Energy Performance Certificate sets out the energy efficiency of a property on a traffic light system of A to G – A being the most efficient.

It can indicate how much it will cost to heat and power a property. It also includes recommendations of energy-efficient improvements.

Schedule of condition

This is a detailed recording of a property's condition which is kept to use at a later date to establish the previous condition of the premises.

Covenant of quiet enjoyment

The tenant must be able to live in the property in peace without any disturbance from the landlord or anyone acting on his behalf.

Fair wear and tear

Is wear and tear of materials caused by their use in the ordinary course. This does not include dirt or excessive wear and tear of materials caused by failure to regularly clean the materials or failure to take the reasonable care as may be expected of a homeowner.

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