Leadership Academy


Leadership Academy

Designed with our student leaders in mind, the Activities team have put together the following Training Academy. Alongside key skills, we have identified online resources to help you develop how you manage your Society, as well as your employability.

Although designed primarily for student leaders, this resource is available to all students.

Skills Training


Recommended for: All student leaders

Learning online: learning and collaborating

Communication skills - training videos for students

Media and Content Management

Recommended for: All student leaders

Create a social media marketing campaign

Create great online content - free online course

Introduction to digital marketing - digital marketing course

Building a Society Community

Recommended for: Social Secretary | Welfare Officers | Presidents

Building a community within your student station

Engaging the Unengaged

Recommended for: Social Secretary | Alumni Secretary | Diversity Officers and Representatives

Engaging the unengaged - diversity in RAG #studentoppsfest

Project Management

Recommended for: President | Vice President | Event Manager

Foundations of project management

Time Management

Recommended for: All student leaders

Time management - How to achieve the most with your time by Vicky Wallace #studentoppsfest

Interpersonal Skills

Recommended for: All student leaders

The importance of interpersonal skills


Recommended for: Mentor Scheme Manager | President

Three principles of a coaching approach

Exploring career mentoring and coaching


Recommended for: All student leaders

Collaborative working in remote team

Employability and Career Development

Recommended for: All student leaders

Essential skills for your career development course


Recommended for: Fundraising Officer |Treasurer |  Events Manager | Outreach Manager

A guide to fundraising

Fundraising and leadership in arts

KEYNOTE - The future of fundraising with Lee Clark #studentoppsfest

Review, Development and Reflection

Recommended for: All student leaders

Learning online: studying and reflecting

Wellbeing and Resilience

Recommended for: Welfare Officers | Diversity Offers | Training Officers

Wellbeing and resilience at work

Problem Solving

Recommended for: All student leaders

Choose the right problem to solve

Student Leaders

What is a student leader?

A student leader is a student who represents, or is working to support, students studying at the University – that includes committee members, student reps and campaigners.

Further Resources

Online Courses and Degrees from Top Universities

Open University
View Subjects Avaliable from Open Learn

Lessons Worth Sharing
Talks by Ted Ed

LinkedIn Learning
Online Courses for Creative, Technology, Business Skills

Coursera Build Skills
with Online Courses from Top Institutions

Skills Development

Benefits of Skills Development

Improve performance.
Build confidence.
Help you stand out from the crowd.
Increase your employability.
Boost you academic performance.
Improve your performance as a student leader.

Request a skill

Is there a skill you’d like to see us add resources for? Suggest it by emailing activities@exeterguild.com and we’ll see what we can do!

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